Comcast Isn't Just The Worst Internet Provider Anymore

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After years of throttled internet and bad customer service earning it a reputation as the worst internet provider in America, Comcast scores a golden poo as's 2010 Worst Company in America. I promised myself I wouldn't cry.


Every year, the Consumerist pits some of the worst companies in the country against each other in a knock-down, drag-out fight to see which deserves to be called the absolute worse. Companies like Bank of America, Ticketmaster, and Cash4Gold fought admirably this year, but ultimately the reader vote and coveted prize went to the company that's paved the way for other internet providers to screw us senseless for years to come.

"The match-ups witnessed in this year's tournament were intense," said Ben Popken, Co-Managing Editor of "Never did we think we would see certain companies, like Apple go as far as they did, and others like last year's winner AIG, drop out in the first round. We are honored to provide Comcast with the Golden Poo Award"

If you weren't able to participate in this year's voting, don't fret. You can still read through the gripping tale by clicking the link below, and see for yourself why Comcast deserved this award more than any other company this year.


Congratulations, Comcast! I'd send you an e-card or something, but I need to watch my bandwidth, jerks.

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Sobersean: aka Doctor Aquafresh

Man, last week...I have this story about Comcast from last week that I was going to post in off-topic, but this is a better place for this post. It's going to be long so if you have the attention span of ...well a typical human being on the internet these days then you should stop here as it's not that great of a story to begin with.

Background: I've been with them for about 8 years here. Problems with them about 4 times a year on average, several house calls a year, incompetent techs, internet or TV goes out for days at a time, no communication between people working on the problems, basically shitty service all around and I'm always displeased with not only the prices but the slow speed of their internet and poor quality of service. But where I live it's either them or the satellite and so we stay with them regardless.

Now, I get a knock on my door around the beginning of last week. Comcast door-to-door representative he tells me and shows me his badge, like he's FBI. So I ask him what he wants and he tells me he's here to talk about my bill. Shows me a chart with other people in my neighborhood and how much they pay compared to how much I pay. I've been paying about 40 bucks more a month than the highest package they have available for sale and he wants to see if he can help me lower my bill.

So, I've been paying 40 bucks more per month, than the highest priced package they have available. I ask him why that happened. He says it's because I've been a Comcast customer for so long that during their internal updates sometimes the older customers on older plans don't update right and the pricing gets messed up. So I ask him how long this has been going on and he says "who knows? But I'm here to make it right."

So basically at the end of a couple hour talk on my porch I get my entire subscription with them redone and upgraded all my boxes, my entire plan to the best plan they had, with the fastest internet, hd-dvrs in every room yadda yadda yadda and *still* end up paying 40 dollars less per month than they had been billing me for the plan. So for once, I was happy with Comcast as he sold me on their best package which was a huge upgrade for me from 2mbps internet to 24 (new internet project in my area that took them 5 years to install was just completed apparently), got all the movie channels etc...and still end up saving, because they were ripping me off to begin with.

But that is where the story I want to tell just begins.

So two days later the tech comes to install the dvr boxes and new cable modem and I meet him down at the door.

He asks if I am "Sean...." and stammers trying to get my last name out and I realize he's trying to pronounce my girlfriends last name, which is Japanese and always a mouthful for people here to pronounce. I stop him and say no no, my last name is my last name and that's hers, but come on in so we can get started.

He stops and says, well I can't come in until "Sean Girlfriendslastname" is here. And I say, there is no "Sean Girlfriendslastname" I've been on the account as "Sean Myrealastname" for about 8 years now, so you're dealing with me, the account holder. So I show him my work order from the door-to-door guy, with my name, signed on the bottom. He tells me that he can't come in to do the work until "Sean Girlfriendslastname" is here to let him in.

So I lose my composure and tell him to stay put and I'll be right back. I get my phone and call their number, go back out front and speak with their guys and have them verify that I'm the account holder, give them my social security, DL # prove it. And everything is fine at the home office. So I tell the technician this and make the rep on the phone tell this to the guy as well although he balked when I told him to do it, he eventually did it.

After the tech gets off the phone he says "Well until "Sean Girlfriendslastname" is here I can't come in and do the work so you'll have to re-place the service call, I have to go now."

I lost it at that point. Told him to give me his name. Have gave me his first name. I said "Give me your last name." And he wouldn't do it. Refused to.

This guy...comes to my house, on a product his company sold to me...treats me like an idiot, refuses to do the work or believe me when I tell him my identity, then refuses to even tell me his name~! I was hopping mad at this point and told him to give me his rep number which he begrudgingly gave to me like he was a P.O.W. reciting his name rank and number to me in a time of war.

I go back upstairs get on the phone with Comcast and let loose on the poor guy at the other end, he probably wished he didn't work for Comcast that day as it was not a pleasant experience. After about 30 minutes of finagling on the phone with them, he gets another technician sent out asap to my house to be there within the hour.

Now, for the end of the story. About 30 minutes later the tech shows up, says "hey you're getting a new modem and 3 dvr's set up right?" And I say yep that's me, come on in...warily. He never even asked me my name once during the entire process. He was up in my house for about an hour and a half setting me up, we just talked and tested the speeds of everything and all went smooth as hell.

I figured he was told by his dispatcher the story of my earlier encounter and to just "get in and do the work." So at the end of the deal I said, "Man, wonder why the first tech couldn't have just done that..." And he says "What tech?" The guy didn't even know a thing about what had went down a couple hours before, was completely unaware...

So I told him the story of the first tech and he goes, "Ahhh, ok, I'll tell you why that happened like that. The government has issued regulations to us at Comcast that we must verify the person at the door is who they say they are due to wide scale problems with identity theft. It's a government mandate. I just didn't feel the need to do that with you, I asked your name at some point didn't I?" And we realized he did casually ask my name in conversation but that's all it took.

Anyway, the story is long dull and boring but it was about the most surreal thing that's happened to me in awhile and it was fresh in my mind since this was about a week ago that this happened. Overall I can't complain though as my net speed is now through the roof and they delivered on that at least. 25mbps is my typical speed test ( I can't stop testing now haha) up from 2mbps I've been struggling with for years. I guess I'll close this with...check your statement every month, call their number if you've been a long time subscriber with them and make sure you're not overpaying through the nose like I was. They ripped me off for quite a bundle.