College Poster Banned For Featuring a... NES Zapper

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According to a report from the College's newspaper, Saint Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia has refused permission from students to put up a poster on campus because it featured a gun. A fake, plastic, video game gun from the 1980s.


Designed to advertise a "game-themed social night", the students were forced to remove the depiction of the totally harmless NES Zapper peripheral, deciding to replace it with a Nintendo Power Glove instead.

Of note is that while the children's toy was forcibly removed, the image of a pint of beer could stay.


Gun Image Not Welcome on Campus Poster [The Journal, via Forbes]

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Dammit Canada why you gotta go and do that. Although that really brings up a point; can the average college-age student even recognize those controllers anymore? The Zapper is well over 28 years old at this point, the VCS stick even older. Or am I failing to realize the appeal of the original Zapper amongst today's young adults?