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​College Women Mysteriously Collapse in a Tokyo Street

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Students getting drunk and passing out is part of the university experience. But this weekend, something strange and quite possibly sinister happened in Tokyo.

Note: This article might contain content some readers find objectionable.

On Twitter and Instagram (via 2ch), photos of a group of young women passed out in the middle of the street circulated online. It's believed that the women are college students at Meiji University and members of the school's tennis club. The university is currently investigating the issue, states website Buzzap.

According to television reports, such as on morning show Tokudane!, over ten students fainted in Shinjuku after a drinking party. The incident was also covered on Excite News. Tokudane! is one of Japan's largest morning shows, and Excite News is a large website. Combined with reporting on the national news tonight, this story is getting mainstream coverage in Japan.

Police arrived on the scene, and online, some thought that the students were passed out drunk. However, as one eye witness told Tokudane!, it was largely females who had passed out on the street. Many of the women were completely incapacitated, leading many online in Japan to wonder if they allegedly had their drinks spiked by the male members attending the drinking party. This is currently internet conjecture.

Some of the collapsed individuals were so out of it that they had to be carried by the police. According to Excite News, there were even individuals who had soiled themselves after passing out.

On 2ch, Japan's largest forum, people were bewildered by the photos. "What happened?" asked on 2ch commenter. "Is this a cult?" asked another. "Why are the males okay?" 2ch sleuths were able to track down this alleged student:

And via 2ch, here is a pamphlet for the Meiji University Kreis Tennis Club:

"This is no trivial matter," wrote one 2ch commenter. "The atmosphere, it smells of a crime." It is still unclear what happened. What is clear is that it's highly unusual to see a group of Japanese university women passed out in the middle of the street.

There is good reason for concern: In the past, there have been several well-known incidents with extracurricular university clubs, such as Super Free, raping women students at elite Japanese universities. The ring-leader of Super Free was sentenced to fourteen years in prison—a ruling that was unsuccessfully challenged in the country's Supreme Court.

Update: Meiji University has confirmed these students were members of one of its university clubs. The university says this was caused by "excess drinking," and that those involved have recovered from the incident. The university stated it will "sternly deal with" this club and take steps to see this doesn't happen again.

【動画あり】新宿コマ劇場前で女子大生が集団昏倒する異常事態が発生、明大公認のサークルか [Excite News]


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