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Collapsed Lung Can't Stop Pro Gamer From Playing League Of Legends

Illustration for article titled Collapsed Lung Cant Stop Pro Gamer From Playing emLeague Of Legends/em

Pro League of Legends player Hai "Hai_L9" Du Lam suffered a collapsed lung the other day. It ruled him out of a big tournament in Paris, but he's making do by...continuing to play League of Legends in his hospital bed.


Only in pro gaming can you end up in a hospital bed strapped to machines and keep doing your "job", which in this case happens to also mix work with pleasure (the only reason he can't compete in the upcoming all-stars event in France is because you can't fly with a collapsed lung, not because he can't play).

And if the hospital's wi-fi gives out, Logitech sent him a PS4 as well., I guess, but there have been worst hospital visits than this.


Hai_L9 [Facebook, via Eurogamer][Image: Travis Gafford]

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Man i feel bad for hai not going to allstars, While Bjergsen by itself is a powerhouse, it feels like his team needs to revolve around him, On the other hand Hai is a selfless midlaner, and would help other lanes. That's the biggest difference between TSM and C9, C9 can play as a Team, TSM needs someone to carry.

But yeah i remember he said he was getting extra bored so he played, Make lemonade out of Lemons i guess.