Cole Sports A Sharp New Look In inFamous 2

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Coming as a surprise to no one, Game Informer's July issue confirms the sequel to Sucker Punch's PlayStation 3 superhero hit inFamous, with a cover showing off a new look for series protagonist Cole MacGrath.

inFamous 2 is no real surprise. Soy registered back in April, and voice actors were talking about auditioning for the sequel in October of last year.


What is a surprise is Cole MacGrath's new, more practical look. Gone is the black and yellow leather jacket of the first game, replaced with a sensible t-shirt and jeans ensemble that complements Cole's darker hair quite nicely.

Along with the new look comes new powers, a new city, and a new enemy worth of Cole's attentions.

Anything more than that will have to wait until the July issue of Game Informer hits store shelves, or E3 2010, which kicks off on June 15.

July Cover Revealed: Infamous 2 [Game Informer]

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