Colbert Invokes Katamari, Tetris, Mario While Mocking Japan's Election Coverage

Video games got a little face time on the Colbert report last night when the show’s namesake let loose on Japan and their grab-and-peel election coverage technology.

That’s the best you can do?
I happen to know that you have robots, slapping machines, human Tetris, Katamari and sex bots, you could have just written the candidates names on meat hats and let a lizard pick the winner.


Colbert got into such a froth he actually used Mario’s name in vain. I've moved the vid to the jump because it was hanging up our page for some reason.

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Project Thanatos

All I know.. is I want a slapping machine at everyone's desk by tomorrow. All USB connected and networked where only I can trigger them from my desk. Oh the greatness that will be that day.