CoD World At War LE Owners Getting Double XP Week

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Activision reveals another excellent reason to shell out another $20 for the Limited Edition of Call of Duty: World at War as they announce a Limited Edition-exclusive double XP weekend. Covering both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, PC players need only log in for some multiplayer action between noon Pacific on Friday, December 5th to 11:59pm on Friday the 12th to reap the benefits of their more expensive edition. On the Xbox 360, players will need to make sure they completely activated their copy of the LE, and will have to play in specially marked "Officer's Club" playlists. All this, and a replica flask that doesn't open. Way to go, LE buyers!

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Fuck that. Infinity Ward didn't even release a LE version of CoD4, but I'm positive they wouldn't have done something like this. This is infuriating. I understand the concept of trying to stunt the resale industry by giving retail purchasers a little more incentive, but rewarding people who already got their extra 10 dollars' worth while punishing the people who still bought a retail copy for 60 fucking dollars? Are you kidding me?