Co-Op Game Puts Only One Person In An Oculus Rift

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Black Hat is a co-op game with an interesting twist: two people have to work together, but one of them is wearing an Oculus Rift and the other is not.


There's a reason for this. The player wearing the headset is playing in a first-person perspective, trying to get through a maze that's full of traps. The other player, using a regular screen, is looking at the action from a top-down perspective.

The challenge comes from the fact that a lot of the traps, like laser beams, are invisible to the VR player, so they have to be talked through/around them. Teamwork is also required for stuff like opening locked doors, with the VR player having to find keycodes that the top-down player then enters to progress.

The game has a very modest Kickstarter up looking to cover costs.



A bit like Knightmare in a way, I guess. Just the dude can at least see a little bit.