Co-Op and Versus Coming to 360 Plants vs. Zombies

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The recently revealed achievement set for Plants vs. Zombies coming someday soon to Xbox Live Arcade, hint that the game will have cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.


"ZFF's 4 Evr," gives you 20 Gamerscore should you "Bowl a winner with a friend in Co-OP Wall-Nut Bowling." Then, "Versus vs. Versus" awards 15 for a five-game winning streak "in VS. mode."

The rest of the list is, of course, hilariously named ("Smarty Branches," and "Soil Your Plants" especially.) Hit it up to see what else PopCap intends for you to do and try when the hit tower defense game arrives.

Plants vs. Zombies Achievements [Xbox 360 via Joystiq]


Koda Kazar

Huh, that's interesting. How would the game even work on a console, though? Use one of the analog sticks to try and replace the touching of the tiles(iDevices) or the accuracy of the mouse(PC)?

Now, don't get me wrong, I would love to play this game on a console, but the game was made for accurate interaction.