Remember in the early 1990s when people thought the future was virtual reality? And they made all those enormous things to wear on your head? And then people got sick with Nintendo Virtual Boys? Good times!

Nobody told the folks at Tokyo's Crescent, Inc. that the 1990s are, well, over. With the help of Takahiko Akiyama's 4D Brain, Crescent recently demoed a biofeedback-based immersive digital entertainment (IDE) headset that allows players to pick up a pink gun in the virtual space and shoot hearts at a young lady, turning her into a kappa.

Akiyama has worked as CG director for Final Fantasy : The Spirits Within and created his own feature films, such as Black Night and Hinokio.

The set-up uses Crescent's HEWDD portable display, fancy software, a host of mocap cameras, and lots and lots of cables.

I have the sudden urge to watch The Lawnmower Man.