C'mon, Let's Not Blame One Piece for This Divorce

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Tsubasa Masuwaka is one of Japan's top gyaru models. Besides appearing in fashion mags, the 27 year-old also designs clothes and cosmetics as well as appears on TV. Even after she gave birth to her son, Masuwaka made motherhood fashionable, too, as a "charisma mom". Part of that appeal was her ideal family life. All of this was topped off by her fashion model husband, Naoki Umeda. Make that, her fashion model ex-husband.


In a recent blog post, Masuwaka announced that she is getting a divorce from Umeda. There have been rumors about their imminent divorce, especially after they stopped living together. Rumors of her husband's infidelity, lack of child rearing help, and lackadaisical work ethic persist, but he wrote on Twitter that he'll "take the truth to his grave." Whatever happened, it's obvious that these two just didn't work out.

On Yahoo! Japan, one Japanese entertainment industry rep gave a slightly different, if somewhat sad, reason for the divorce—namely, intrinsic character differences. "It was because in contrast to Masuwaka, who is sociable, Umeda is an otaku (geek), who was always reading One Piece at home." Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense. A shotgun marriage between two people who probably didn't really know each other very well? Less so.

One Piece: Wrecking Japanese marriages, since 1998.

離婚でバレた益若つばさの嘘ブログ [Yahoo! Japan]

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I wish girls/women saw some things from a mans perspective, in this case: Ducklips. That's just hideous and not at all "sexy" or whatever they're going for. I miss the times when cute girls used to smile to the camera..