Club Penguin Island Launches And The Profanity Bans Continue

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Yesterday Disney closed Club Penguin, the kid-friendly online game that had been delighting children and quickly banning potty-mouths since 2005. Today Disney launches Club Penguin Island, a subscription-based mobile game, bringing kid-friendly fun and high-speed banning to a new generation.


Club Penguin Island, available today in the U.S. for iOS and Android devices, aims to give players of all ages a safe and friendly place to socialize, play games and have all sorts of good, clean fun. There are races to be won, quests to be complete, levels to be earned and stinky cheeses to be shared with online friends. What I got to see of the game in the five or so minutes I played before being kicked by the language filter looked simply delightful.

It’s the sort of place I could see my children hanging out, but I’m going to have to create a new account for them to do so. Given the original Club Penguin’s no-nonsense stance on bad language, I was obligated to test the limits of Club Penguin Island’s system.

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It looks like Club Penguin Island is on a three strikes and you’re out sort of system. I will not repeat what I typed into chat, as it was pretty horrible (I did this in the game’s opening portion, where no other players were about, just in case.) One warning, another, and then my account was banned, with nary a snippet of my rude messages getting through into open chat.

From the launch announcement:

Club Penguin Island maintains a strong commitment to providing a secure environment for kids, with a new safety moderation system that includes a chat filter. The updated chat function features unique emojis and 3D animations, and personal expression is easier than ever with a fashion-forward penguin customization system. Players will also have access to familiar reporting tools, which lets them self-moderate the community.


So rest assured, parents, your children should be safe from other people’s bad language on Club Penguin Island.

Club Penguin Island is free to download on Google Play and iTunes, offering a limited trial period of several days before the $4.99 a month subscription kicks in.

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Stanley Kirk Burrell

So this was all a big marketing push for the game’s move to mobile then, wasn’t it?