Club Nintendo Offers Members Actual Game & Watch Prize

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The Japanese version of Club Nintendo flexes its clear superiority over its Western cousin with even more retro flavored fun for Platinum members. They're getting a real Game & Watch LCD game of Ball.


Yes, a real Game & Watch, not the digital version as seen in the previous Club Nintendo exclusive Game & Watch Collection for the Nintendo DS. Ball was the very first release in Nintendo's Game & Watch line of dedicated LCD games, released way, way back in 1980.

Gold caliber Club Nintendo members get a calendar and a little pat on the head.

Club Nintendo Member Presents [Club Nintendo of Japan]



I am currently a Platinum member with over 700 points and I have yet to find anything on Club Nintendo that I want to use my points for. If the Game & Watch Ball unit was given to American Platinum members, I will be pleased as I never played a Game & Watch unit before even though I saw units way back in the 1980s.

This is what I liked about the Japanese counterpart of Club Nintendo which provides more attractive prizes that its Western counterparts. It has exclusive CDs (Super Mario Galaxy and Mario & Luigi RPG 3) and exclusive DS games. None that are available on the Western clubs.

Let us hope that the Western clubs provide better goods down the line that compare to those from the Japanese club.