Club Nintendo Members Get Early Look At Nintendo DSi

Club Nintendo membership has its privileges, as Nintendo is offering members in good, Platinum-level standing a sneak peek at the new Nintendo DSi before the unwashed masses get a chance to smudge it.

In other words: check your e-mail, registered Club Nintendo members! We've heard of events at GameStops 'round the country, some of which start as early as this Sunday. The exclusive DSi preview showings require a printed invite and a photo ID, if you're planning on showing up uninvited.


My own invite must've been lost in the tubes, sadly, even though I've totally gone Platinum. Maybe there simply isn't a local event in Los Angeles. But I've already played with one so I don't wanna go to your stupid party anyway, Nintendo! *sobs*

Thanks to Kyle, Benny, Timmy & Kenny!

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