Club Nintendo Elitists Score Prizes Later This Year

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If you've been diligently registering your Nintendo DS and Wii games with Club Nintendo, enough to receive Gold or Platinum status, you'll be getting a free gift from the company. When? Some time before January 1, 2010.


North American Club Nintendo members of "Elite" standing, like myself, will be notified about the opportunity to claim prizes in July. But those free goodies might not ship for a while after that. Official word from Nintendo says that the freebies will be distributed to members "before the end of the calendar year." That could mean months of painful waiting!

Club Nintendo of Japan members were most recently treated to a trio of goods—a gold painted Mario Kart Wii wheel, a Club Nintendo calendar for 2009 and a plush-looking Mario hat—something we hope Nintendo of America will one-up for its American fans. May I suggest something, anything, in Wario purple and gold? Or this?


Incidentally, the answer to what I'll spend my 1,000 Club Nintendo coins on is... nothing.

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Well thanks to me stealing a bunch of product registration codes and obtaining Platinum status, im got the impression that theres a special prize for gold members and a special prize for platinum. Im also under the impression that platinum people get the platinum AND gold prizes