Former Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski (not pictured) has been selected by an "independent panel" to be one of the first 8000 people in the world to get a pair of Google's potentially pioneering/ridiculous wearable computers, Google Glass.

In order to be selected as one of the earliest recipients of the tech, participants in a competition had to tweet what they'd do with the glasses if they got a pair. Bleszinski's offer, tracked down as part of research by Stanford computer science student Andrej Karpathy, was to "...take my pair on a Zero Gravity flight and record it in order to share the experience with the world. I'd also shower."

While he was likely picked due to his Twitter influence - many other "winners" were celebrities, and Bleszinski has over 187,000 followers - there's always a chance the panel just wanted to get a look in the shower and see if that's where the "Dude Huge" nickname came from (hint: it's not).


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@therealcliffyb [Twitter]