Classic Video Game Moment Gets an....Anime Adaptation

Daigo Umehara vs Justin Wong, the EVO finals, 2004. It's almost universally accepted as the single greatest moment in competitive gaming history.


And it's now been immortalised forever. In an anime.

This clip is from Acchi Kocchi, apparently. If you're short on time/memory and need to see the original, here it is.

EVO moment 37 immortalized in anime form [Capcom]


I sort of imagine there must be competitive gaming moments that were just as epic as EVO moment 37, but just weren't committed to video and aren't widely known.

Sorry for sounding like an ass, I know Daigo is a total boss during that classic clip, but there have been many final showdowns before and since. I'm sure someone deserves credit for a pretty amazing match during one of those.

Though admittedly the parry system makes things interesting, since in a lot of other fighting games you know you can just chip a guy to death, so there's less tension of "Will he perfectly parry everything that comes his way?"