Classic Anime Princess Mononoke Is Being Turned into a Stage Play

Illustration for article titled Classic Anime emPrincess Mononoke/em Is Being Turned into a Stage Play
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Studio Ghibli revealed that Princess Mononoke is coming to the London stage. Theater company Whole Hog Theatre will be doing a production of the 1997 anime next April at London's New Diorama Theatre.

The stage version is a collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Whole Hog Theatre, and it has been in development for over the past year. This "epic ecological fable" will feature original music and large puppets crafted from recycled materials. Tickets can be pre-ordered right now.

Above is the first image from the production.

'Princess Mononoke' at the New Diorama Theatre [Whole Hog via Twitter via ANN via Japanator]

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I should re-watch this. Probably my favorite Ghibli film.