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Before Lucasarts came along, the top adventure game minds in the world worked for a now-defunct publisher called Sierra. This coffee table book collects the art from those games, and I am now feeling very nostalgic.


Called, strangely enough, "The Art Of Sierra", it's been a secret project of Sierra fans Brandon Klassen and Eriq Chang for "several years", and aims to be "a hardcover, oversized coffee table art book filled with an unprecedented amount of rare Sierra art and a wealth of behind-the-scenes material".

Oh yes.

It'll also include interviews with Sierra developers and historical features on the game and the publisher. Sadly, there's no details on price or release date, though there will be two editions released, one a nice hardcover, one a nice hardcover that will also include lithograph prints by Sierra artists.


Fanfare: The Art of Sierra Official Launch [Artful Gamer, via Destructoid]

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