Class Action Lawsuit Arises Over Spore DRM

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Whenever you find large numbers of unhappy people, you're bound to find a lawyer. In this case it's Alan Himmelfarb with KamberEdelson of Vernon, California, who has filed a class-action suit against EA over the DRM in EA's Spore. The suit, filed Monday with the Northern California District Court on behalf of plaintiff Melissa Thomas and "all consumers globally who have purchased the Spore computer game", addresses complaints that consumers are not fully aware of what exactly SecuROM does on their system, and also cites a separate program that installs on the control center of the computer and can disrupt system functions.

Plaintiffs demand disgorgement of unjust profits and damages for trespass, interference, unfair competition and consumer law violations.

You can see the full suit in PDF form over at Courthouse News. It's rather lengthy, containing excerpts from EA's FAQ as well as quotes from reviews, oddly enough. Looks like someone's done his homework. EA might even have to assign two lawyers to deal with this one. 'Spore' Hijacks Computers, Class Claims [Courthouse News via GamePolitics - Thanks Brendan]

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Didn't EA already respond to say they would work on slightly modifying the specifics of their DRM, like giving 5 uses instead of 3, as well as some other options? My guess... is that if their lawyer(s) don't find a reason to squash the CAL right off the bat, they will just wait till they release the DRM-Lite version, and then claim they were working on a solution but people jumped the gun.

I dunno... even without the DRM, Spore just isn't that good of a game to me. I dropped 10 on that creature creator a while back, and I knew from there that the full game was just not going to be that engaging. Sacrificing challenge and complexity for the sake of the casual market is just ridiculous for a game that took this long to come out.