Civilization VI's Newest Leader Seems Overpowered

Civilization VI has had a quiet few months, interrupted today by the announcement of the game’s newest leader: Amanitore, a Nubian Queen.


She marks the debut of both the person and the faction in the Civilization series, and aside from the expected level of amazing character design and animation present in Amanitore herself, what she brings to Civ VI looks at first glance to be overpowered as hell.

The unique Nubian unit, the Pítati, is a stronger and faster archer. The unique building, the Nubian Pyramid, adds faith, “as well as additional yields based on the adjacent District, or Food for the City Center.”

So basically, they give you maybe the best unit in the game to get an early advantage over your opponents, then give you something which can provide healthy, constant benefits throughout the rest of it. Sounds good! For whoever is playing as Nubia, anyway. Especially when you consider that her faction traits mean you get extra gold and resources from mines, and those archers train and get XP faster.

As with other Civ VI leader releases, Amanitore also includes a scenario you can play that pits Nubia against Egypt for control of the Nile.

The update’s announcement didn’t include a release date, but it’s probably “very soon”.


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Luke Plunkett

Oh, what’s that? Archers are the single most important unit of the entire game thanks to the advantages they can provide in securing a good foothold for your civ?

Oh cool, let’s make SUPER ARCHERS then.