Civilization VI Gets Big Updates, New Civ

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Civilization VI dropped some new stuff today. The first is a “Winter Update” that makes a bunch of tweaks and fixes to the core game. The second are some paid pieces of DLC that introduce new scenarios and the game’s first post-release Civ, Poland, who are led by Jadwiga.


You can read about all the little patch notes here, but of more interest is the paid stuff, especially since Poland seems ridiculously powerful. With the ability to culture bomb (by building forts that manually push borders back and steal hexes), knock enemies back in combat with their Winged Hussars unique unit and force their religion on neighboring Civs, they seem perfect for anyone who wants to play like a conquering asshole.

Poland’s Civ, which costs $5, also comes with a scenario focused on defending Central Europe from the Teutonic Knights and Ottomans.

Also costing $5 is a Viking Scenario pack, which adds six new city-states, three new natural wonders and a 100-turn scenario where you can play as Norway or Sweden and go raiding across Europe.

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Interesting to see Firaxis take this route to expanding the game. Civ V only had two main expansions, but both did a lot of work, adding multiple Civs and making widespread changes to the game. It looks like Civ VI is going to be doing things more gradually.

Note that both the Poland and Vikings packs are free if you got the Digital Deluxe version of Civ VI.

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Wonder if they will bring back other Civs such as Netherlands and how their new bonuses will pan out.

Plus I’m quite curious how they intend to overcome Civ V in expansions considering that they actually put a lot of the core functionality in the base game rather than leaving entire chunks such as religion out for an expansion.