Civilization IV's Theme Was On America's Got Talent, And It Was Excellent

Last week, the procession of pop songs on TV show America’s Got Talent was interrupted by a massive group performance of Baba Yetu, the Grammy-award winning Civilization IV theme.


Sung by the Angel City Chorale, it’s one hell of a performance of Christopher Tin’s work, which despite its surprise contemporary prominence (it won its Grammy in 2011) was indeed first composed for Civ IV’s release in 2005.

The group got a “Golden Buzzer” at the end from Olivia Munn.

I still do not know why this hasn’t just become the theme for every Civ game.

To compare, here’s the original, which featured the Soweto Gospel Choir and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra:

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I wonder if Olivia Munn was the only one on that panel to realize where the song came from and that’s one reason why she gave them the golden buzzer 😂