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Well-liked city-building game Cities: Skylines is getting a meaty update today. The good news about the update is that it adds tunnels and more than 50 European-style buildings to the game. The (potentially) bad news is that it end up breaking some mods in the process—at least for now.


Cities: Skylines is the kind of game that can only get better with a thriving mod community, and developer Paradox Interactive was good enough to recognize that and warn players about the potential impact of the incoming patch. From today’s patch notes (emphasis added):

Many mods and (some) custom assets will not work with 1.1.0 and will need updating by their author. We have worked hard to cause as few conflicts as possible with popular mods, yet this is a substantial update and with the code & functionality changes some issues have been impossible to avoid. Going forward we aim to find a solution where we can work with our core modders pre-launch to give them ample time to adjust their creations before the public have access.


If you’re a Skylines player who leans heavily on mods for your city-building-and-managing experience, you might want to check in on your active mods before downloading and installing the new update. And if you haven’t tried any mods for the game yet, you really should. Some of them are seriously cool.

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