Cities Skylines II | Announcement Trailer I


Crusader Kings III is getting a new expansion called Tours and Tournaments, which like the game’s last major update, Royal Court, is geared more towards the character and RPG side of the game than its broader strategic content.


There’s a lot more info on it here, but basically:

By assembling an entourage, selecting options for your travel, and hiring a caravan master, you are ready to set out on the road and travel to activities across the world. The Travel system is an integral part of activities, with both the host and guests traveling to reach them - creating a stronger feeling of place as you see your route being plotted and your character moving directly on the map.

The expansion will add three major events for you to travel to: Grand Tournaments, Grand Weddings and Grand Tours, each of them letting you strut about your realm, meet people and giving the player even more menus popping up asking you to choose a dialogue/action option.

It’ll be released in “late Spring”.

Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments - Announcement Trailer


This looks cool! This is a brand new thing, a “tactical turn-based strategy game set in an alternate 1933", which is a longer way of describing what was surely its elevator pitch, which is “It’s Indiana Jones x XCOM”.

The Lamplighters League - Announcement Trailer

Since that trailer has zero gameplay in it, here’s a second:

The Lamplighters League - Gameplay First Look

The game is due out on “PC and Xbox Series X and S consoles in 2023".


Venerable grand strategy classic Europa Universalis IV is getting its 2168th expansion with Domination, which “offers new mission trees, new government reforms, new estate management and new events for several of the major powers in the game”.


That means powers like Britain, Spain and France have been “given new life and new balance, with greater historical depth, more promising rewards and branching mission trees so player choices can have a dramatic impact on the course of history”.

Europa Universalis IV: Domination | Announcement Trailer

Paradox also made a bunch of smaller announcements for smaller titles, like a Surviving the Aftermath expansion and “Mechabellum, a sci-fi auto-battler game where players compete with ever-growing armies of mechs, robots, and heavy weapons”, which you can check out here.