Circuit City To Offer $30 Gift Card With Price Dropped 360

The Xbox 360 price drop is so very past rumor it's not funny, heck even the Wall Street Journal has reported on it. But the deals that come with that price drop? Now that's news. We've heard of a $25 gift card that will come with the $300 Xbox 360 at both Wal-Mart and Radio Shack, and today a Circuit City employee leaked us their deal.

According to the Circuit City employee focus newsletter people who buy the $300 Xbox 360 will get a free $30 gift card and a copy of Athlon Magazine. The catch? It's a doozie, you also need to buy a copy of NCAA Football 09. Boooooooo!


Update - We originally thought this was a Target Ad, but have since confirmed it is indeed Circuit City. Sorry for the confusion.

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