Christmas Will Last Longer In GTA Online, Due To Xbox Live, PSN Outages

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Rockstar Games has changed its plans and decided to continue to give out Christmas gifts in Grand Theft Auto Online at least a day after Christmas, since so many players were unable to grab them on the 25th.


The studio just announced this on Twitter following a day full of questions (including from us) about whether players would get another chance to claim the gifts since many gamers couldn't connect their Xboxes and PlayStations yesterday.

Both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, which are needed to play GTA Online on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PS4, were knocked offline for much of Christmas due, it seems, to denial of service attacks. (Xbox Live is back; PSN has been back on PS3 but still out for PS4.)

It's unclear when Rockstar will stop doling out the gifts, so anyone who wants them should sign into the game sooner than later. The Christmas gifts automatically show up in players' inventories when they log into GTA Online. I just checked and found that I'd been gifted the red stocking mask pictured above. I also got a fireworks launcher and some other items. This video breaks down everything you get:

While Rockstar has extended their gift-giving, they haven't extended the game's snowfall. The studio made it snow in GTA Online for a couple of days this week to celebrate the season. Sadly, it's not snowing in the game any longer. We've asked if they'll bring that back and will let you know what they say.

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Nice. I claimed the gifts early Christmas morning, but it's good to see that players have more time to claim the goodies and NOT get screwed over by a bunch of script kiddies.

Hopefully Bungie does the same with Xur in Destiny (PS4)... I'm missing out on so much gear and weapon upgrades.