With a mere one-third of the year remaining until Christmas, it's time for all of the good LEGO-loving boys and girls to find out which Winter Village set Santa's leaving under the tree this holiday season. We're getting the full Santa's Workshop, baby.

Enough beating around the snow-covered bushes with vague scenes of holiday cheer — it's time for the main event. Unveiled today at the Bricks by the Bay fan event in San Francisco, Santa's Workshop brings the man himself to LEGO's Winter Village line.

That's 883 pieces of holiday cheer, featuring Santa, Santa's old lady, four elves and five reindeer — one extra to keep those little pointy-eared freaks in line.

You've got your workshop, complete with a fireplace, Christmas lights, and Santa's list. There's a sleigh pulled by four tiny reindeer, which means you'll have to purchase two sets in order for the set to be considered Christmas canon.

A tree! A pole! Elves working the pole! How much more holiday cheer can you stand?

I'll sure be dropping $69.99 on the Santa's Workshop set when it drops this October. Then it'll sit in storage, until that fateful day when my children are old enough to stop trying to eat all of my bricks. We'll sit side-by-side at the table, steaming mugs of hot cocoa at the ready, in case Atlanta decides to dip below 70 in November. We'll share the special modular instructions — they'll build the tree, I'll handle everything else because I'm a bastard.

LEGO — making Christmas memories before they happen.