Christian Guitar Hero Clone Could Become Christian Rock Band Clone

So, Guitar Praise - the Christian music-based rhythm game? HUGE hit, apparently. So huge, in fact, that the publishers (Digital Praise) are considering not just a sequel, but an evolution. Or at least an Intelligent Redesign that could see the game moving from the PC/Mac to consoles and extending to full band gameplay. “Our customers have been begging us to create console games,” Digital Praise CEO Tom Bean told MTV Multiplayer, "We’d like to be able to go there but we’ll see.” The company has been putting a lot of time and energy into expansion packs for the game - including some Stryper tracks out in 2009 - but Bean indicated that a move to multi-instrumental gameplay was being considered.“That’s definitely been part of our discussions," he said, "[...] if it’s compelling then we’ll consider our next steps in that direction.” Whatever happens with Digital Praise's plans, there is still no credible Christian or Religious DLC for the two main music franchises. Surely Mad Catz could bang out a church organ or a Tibetan Buddhist singing bowl controller for Rock Band? Talk about missed opportunities... Christian ‘Guitar Hero’ Game Maker Says Demand Is High, Hints At Full Band Game [MTV Multiplayer]


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