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Conservative Christian investment firm (investment firm?) The Timothy Plan have issued a Christmas guide to "responsible" holiday shopping, in the form of a list of 30 of the "most offensive" games on the market.


It's intended to help parents decide what to/not to buy their kids. You will enjoy this list. While some choices - GTAIV, Manhunt 2 and Condemned 2 - are to be expected, others aren't. Or are, but weren't expected for the reasons The Timothy Plan (who are sounding more like a prog rock band each time I type that) list.

Take Army of Two. It's a violent game, sure, and they say that, but The Timothy Plan also have a black mark next to its name for..."homosexual encounters", based on the fact there are "somewhat homo-erotic undertones between the two main characters". And that's a bad thing? I thought it was the only thing that saved the game, in a Transporter-oil-wrestling kinda way.


Metal Gear Solid 4's sexual warnings are equally good-timey, warning "Some of the game's women are wearing sexually revealing clothing and romances are implied". Fortunately Snake's romances weren't explicit, or we'd be looking at a Timothy Plan boycott of Konami's big-seller.

You'll find the full list below.

The Timothy Plan VideoGame Guide [The Timothy Plan, via GamePolitics]

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