Chris Taylor To Deliver GCDC Demigod Keynote

Well isn't Gas Powered Games busy today? They've released a demo for Space Siege, a new battle teaser for their action / RTS Demigod, seen above, and now their very own CEO Chris Taylor has been announced as the August 20th keynote speaker at the GC Developer Conference in Leipzig, Germany. Taylor's keynote is titled "The Struggle for Independence and the Making of Demigod", and will deal with...the struggle for independence and the making of Demigod. ""Expect a surreal journey into my bizarre and twisted mind," said Taylor, adding, "Please bring your sense of humor with you." Taylor will also be appearing with Dr. Michael Capps and David Perry at a "Best Selling Games" panel on Tuesday of the conference, where they will selling games? Hey, at least I gave you a pretty trailer to look at.

Chris Taylor to Present the "Making of Demigod" at GCDC LEIPZIG, Germany - July 29, 2008 - The organizer of the GC Developers Conference (GCDC) today announced that industry legend Chris Taylor will be the keynote speaker for Wednesday, August 20 at this year's event. Under the title, "The Struggle for Independence and the Making of Demigod," he will address the challenges of developing games today. Moreover, together with Dr. Michael Capps and David Perry, the other two keynote speakers of GCDC 2008, he will participate in a panel discussion on "Best Selling Games" on Tuesday. GCDC takes place prior to GC - Games Convention in Leipzig, August 18-20, 2008. Chris Taylor will reminisce about his 20-year career in the interactive entertainment industry covering his budding years and the experiences that inspired him to form his own independent games studio. He will talk about how the industry has changed over the years, and how he has had to adapt his own mindset and the direction of his company to meet its new challenges. Taylor will also speak about the difficulties faced when delivering new, truly innovative games versus the typical sequels and derivative works currently plaguing the industry. "Expect a surreal journey into my bizarre and twisted mind," said Taylor, adding, "Please bring your sense of humor with you." For the past 20 years, Taylor has been one of the game industry's most imaginative and dynamic visionaries. The creator of the first true next-generation RTS game, Total Annihilation, has a well deserved reputation as an innovator who is able to push both technology and gameplay to their limits. Taylor is the CEO and Creative Director of Gas Powered Games (GPG), which has released the Dungeon Siege series, Supreme Commander, and its expansion, Forged Alliance. In 2008, GPG will unleash its newest action/RPG, Space Siege, and in 2009, the company will launch the innovative action/RTS game Demigod. "Our goal is to present keynote speakers that inspire our attendees, while providing valuable insight into the changing landscape of the games industry," said Frank Sliwka, project director of GCDC. "Chris Taylor's participation takes the already content rich conference program to a higher level and makes GCDC an absolute must-attend event." Further information about the schedule and the speakers of GCDC can be found at:


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Total Annihilation is still the best RTS out there in my opinion. Yes, people obsess on Starcraft, but after playing TA, where you could control hundreds of units at a time (granted your system specs were up to the task,) going back to Warcraft and Starcraft felt empty. Like you were controlling small, tiny squads instead of an army.

And it was one of the first games to offer downloadable content too. Completely free, if I remember correctly, and I took GREAT advantage of that. Maps, vehicles, turrets, mines... All sorts of stuff available. All you had to do is wait over a 56k connection for half a day to get a tank.

It also encouraged a lot of user made stuff, as you could get units and such, but only use them under a mod-mode (no official play.) You also had a plethora of user made maps available, and some of them were truly epic.

The sequel was ok, but it just wasn't the same without Taylor at the helm.