Choose Your Own (Goofy) Max Payne Video Adventure

Max Payne 3 does a lot of things right—from the relentless, blood-soaked gunplay to HEALTH's astonishing soundtrack.


But it's not a particularly choice-based game; this ain't Mass Effect, after all.

The folks at Machinima wanted to see what would happen if they made the game a bit more choice-based. Also, if they set it in the real world. And made it first-person.

By watching this YouTube video, you can choose what to do at crucial moments in this mini-Max story and hopefully make it through the story in one piece. I thought I had… and then I didn't. Guess I'll have to go back and cover my bases a little bit better.

The music makes me remember that as much as I love HEALTH's work on the new game, the music from the original Max Payne will always have a place in my heart, too.


If there's one thing Veronica Mars taught me, it's "Always take backup."

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