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Chocolate Teeth Are Certainly Something to Chew On

It's Valentine's Day! And nothing says that like chocolate teeth.

As noted on Togetter, a dental student named Matsumoto created chocolate-shaped chompers, with dark chocolate for the gums and white chocolate for the teeth.

Today, Matsumoto planned to bring the Valentine's Day chocolate to dental school for everyone to eat.

The image of the sweet teeth impressions have been retweeted over 27,000 times.

Earlier today, Matsumoto tweeted out another image (below), saying his teacher spotted the chocolate, confiscated it, and then graded it, humorously deducting points for things like air bubbles being mixed into the chocolate teeth as well as a whopping minus twenty points for "insufficient training." Funny teacher!


Matsumoto and his classmates ate the chocolate teeth after carving them up with a very large knife.


Just as long as they remembered to brush afterwards.

松本 [@matsumtoooo via Togetter]

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