The popular iPhone graphics benchmark, Infinity Blade, is now reportedly being ported to the recently launched Chinese Xbox One., a Chinese gaming news website and forum, among many others, are reporting that Tencent is bringing Infinity Blade onto the Chinese Xbox One. Tencent has even put up a teaser site that promises to reveal more information this Friday, the opening day of Tencent's Game Carnival in Shanghai.


Now, Tencent's teaser doesn't show much, apart from people playing what looks like a motion control game and smashing TVs and living room furniture. It doesn't mention Xbox One or Infinity Blade name. AVG9 has reported that the game is Infinity Blade, and that it's a Kinect motion game for the Chinese Xbox One!

On the teaser site, the first image is a giant green X and the last image is supposed to refer to Infinity Blade. The link of the teaser site also has an "X1" in it. On top of that, the Infinity Blade series is developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic Games; Tencent owns 40% of Epic games.


The Xbox One in China is currently hurting from lack of games and lack of services. Reports have been coming in that gamers are dissatisfied with their purchase. The addition of a motion game like Infinity Blade, or any game, could help satisfy early adopters.

[Xb1] 腾讯Xbox One体感游戏发布在即 或为《无尽之剑》?[A9VG]

Tencent Teaser Site [Tencent]

腾讯将推XB1国行体感游戏 或是《无尽之剑》[Sina Games]

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