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Chinese Store Clerk Gives Zero F**ks About Being Robbed

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Anyone who's ever worked in a convenience store or watched Clerks knows that the job is hard, not very rewarding, and there's always a chance of running into a robbery scenario. One Chinese convenience store has gotten robbed so much that the store clerk who works there is no longer fazed when she gets robbed.

Located in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region in Southwest China, this 24-hour convenience store has been robbed three times since October. According to Beijing TV News, the first time the store was robbed, a man came in with a knife and a paper bag, ordering the female store clerk to open up the cash register. The second time the store was robbed, the same female clerk just stood to the side while the thief plundered the register and stole some cigarettes.

The third time the thief came by, the store owner was prepared. The register was locked and there wasn't a way for the young store clerk to open it. Coming in again with a knife in hand, the thief attempted to steal from the register while the young clerk stood to the side playing on her mobile device. According to Chinese media and the police, the young lady was focused on her mobile game. During the whole endeavour, she stared at her phone doing whatever she was doing without looking at the robber.

While to the police it might have seemed like the store clerk might be in cahoots with the robber, they actually were able to remove her from the suspect list. Instead, the actual suspects were a boyfriend and girlfriend couple that was subsequently arrested. As it turns out, one of the them was a former employee of the convenience store who had quit after being robbed once at knife point.

Online in China, the video of this calm and collected store clerk has spread like wildfire with many netizens asking to find out what kind of mobile game she was playing and some questioning why she didn't just call or text for help under the guise of gaming. Whatever the case may be, this young store clerk has now made internet history in China as "Unperturbed Sister."

视频: 一个月被打劫三回 收银员练成"淡定姐":劫匪面前淡定玩手机 [Youku]

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