This restaurant in rural China isn't bathed in Wifi. According to the above sign, it's covered in Wife.

Online in China, people are apparently amused by the above sign, spotted at a rural restaurant. It reads (via MIC Gadget), "Our Farm Has Been Covered With Wife."

While English isn't the country's official lingo, "Wifi" is a fairly common word in China. Heck, public telephone booths in China were converted into Wifi spots that say "Wifi" in English letters. "Wifi" hardly seems to be a rare word!

That's why some Chinese wonder, especially after all the attention this mistake has received, if the blunder wasn't intentional—a cheap and easy promotion for the establishment. Certainly the sign maker or the restaurant owner should have known, right? Right? Maybe not.

And no, you cannot access the farmer's wife. Get your mind out of the gutter!

陸農莊布條「已有wife覆蓋」 [ETtoday 新聞雲 via MIC Gadget]

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