Chinese Net Cafe Robbery Leads to Fists and Punching

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Two jerks in jackets worked as a team to divert some dude's attention in a net cafe and then swipe his phone.

The thieves were able to snag the phone, but didn't make a clean getaway. Other net cafe patrons noticed something was up and came to help the victim—and deliver punches.

It looks like they also chased the thieves out of the net cafe. Hopefully the victim got his phone back.


Thieves vs. Vigilant Victims [LiveLeak]

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If someone stole my phone I would laugh at them. I always buy the cheapest "feature phone" I can get my hands on since I am pretty harsh on them. Basically I take the one that looks like it can survive getting chucked across the room into a brick wall. They are usally pretty cheap (50 bucks or less).