Chinese Democracy On Its Way To Rock Band 2?

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With over 10 years in the making, the world was finally graced with Chinese Democracy, the sixth album from the hard rock band Guns 'N Roses. But will it soon be playable in Rock Band 2?

Frontman Axl Rose thinks so.

In a fan Q&A, Axl was asked about the possibility of the entire album becoming available for dowload so fans could jam along on their plastic instruments. Here's the excerpt:

Q: Oh, wait! Axl, I find the verses on Shackler’s Revenge to remind me of The Sopranos theme tune in certain ways. Should they do? Furthermore, any chance of getting the complete album on Rockband? That would be swell. I’ve done SR on expert, so if you’re looking for a guitarist, PM me.

Axl: Never thought of that w/the Sopranos but a big fan of that song. And I think that’s a yes on Rockband.


Having actually listened to the album several times over, I can't really see myself ever ponying up for these songs if indeed they become available. At the rate it took Chinese Democracy to come out, though, I sincerely hope Axl meant Rock Band 2 and not Rock Band 8

Recap: Axl Rose talks to fans again (onethirtybmp)

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theres about 3-4 songs on the album I enjoy but the rest I just can't get into.

"IRS" is definitely an instant classic though.