Chinese Authorities Should Monitor Online Games For Addiction

Well, so said Li Jianguo, vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC). According to him, 10 percent of the approximately 40 million Chinese children that use the internet are "addicted" Li pointed out. From Chinese newsite Xinhua:

The figures were collected from 11 provinces after a two-month survey, said Li, noting that Internet addiction was mainly caused by on-line games and a lack of supervision by the authorities. Li said the management and supervision of Internet games and Internet cafes must be strengthened, and he urged researchers to study methods to help minors avoid Internet addiction.


Rest easy, China! Li Jianguo cares. Chinese lawmaker warns against child Internet addiction [Xinhua via GamePolitics] [Pic]


okenny :) ...building bridges (to hide under)

I think it's important for a society to police something hazardous to it's general population but the Chinese can get hardcore... I mean HARDCORE. Keel over dead while gaming... that's an addiction worthy of control... in China. Then again, maybe if they get rid of the DAMN FIREWALL, people would discover the other less strenuous internet activities the net has to offer like flame wars. This alone will save lives. They should just outlaw online gaming and the first step in doing this is making the Wii the "People's" console.


Truth be told, I'm sorry for typing this but I posted it to show everyone just how retarded I am :( I need attention unfortunately.