As if taking a page out of the classic movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, a Chinese graduate student has thrown himself into the world of cartoons.

The artist, most commonly known by his stage name Ge Kuo, is a graduate art student at the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. This time his work involves famous Japanese anime characters and American comic book heroes. It's landed him on the main pages of Chinese websites such as NetEase.

A lifelong doodler, Ge draws life-sized versions of cartoon characters onto walls. After he's done with his canvas, he takes a photo, and then he takes a photo of himself posing next to the image. Photoshop magic finishes the effect.


Ge's recently revealed works has him standing along side characters such as Naruto and Captain America. He also has pictures where he's posing with classic Chinese cartoon characters.

Ge's artwork has drawn the attention of Chinese netizens—so much so that he's even got his own Chinese equivalent of a Wiki page. His recreations of anime and comic scenes are so well done that they almost look like the real deal except with a real life Chinese man thrown in.

Ge hasn't released any info on what his next projects will be. Personally I hope he'd start working on some video game related projects. He's already got Pokemon done!

一支笔一个梦!超有才的2次元互动第二弹 [NetEase]

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