Bodyguards, the often terrible henchmen found in video games and movies, are very important in real life. These men and women protect their charges with the utmost severity. In China, professional bodyguards take their jobs seriously. Just take a look at their intense training!

Originally published on China News' photo page, these images of would-be bodyguards are pretty intense. Chinese reporters and photographers recently had a chance to sit through bodyguard training in the outskirts of Beijing.


In these photos, the would-be protectors take part in everything from team work training, mud rolling, to even wine tasting!

According to China Central Television, this year's class of body guards are comprised of 7 women and 58 men aged 18-30 from all over China. CCTV points out that Chinese bodyguards can't only be good at security, they have to be well-versed in multiple skills. Bodyguards at this institution have to learn a foreign language, be able to hold conversations, and judge wine on top of their combat skills.

The training looks pretty intense with 8-kilometer morning runs, diving through mud, and gun training. The school, run by an unnamed security company, employs former soldiers and bodyguards. It also employs foreign experts.



The students all have an Israeli flag on their uniforms. The reason for that is because the school works with the International Security Academy in Israel.

With China's rise in wealth, the demand for personal security has also risen. Earlier this year, CNN reported that there is a demand for female body guards in China. As CNN reported, these Chinese bodyguards also serve as personal assistants to their clients.


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