China's League of Legends Clone Is A Bootleg Wonderland

300 Heroes proves, as CrusaderCast puts it so well in this video, "there is no Mandarin word for copyright", because it doesn't just copy League of Legends (literally, it re-uses LoL's textures), it makes use of as many famous characters from properties it didn't pay for as it can get its hands on.


There seems to be a healthy mix of Western and anime characters in the game, with a donkey-hurling Zorro Shrek easily my favourite.

The game's available to download only in China, surprise surprise, but if you want to give it a shot you can try downloading it from here.

You can see a more gameplay-focused clip below.

300 Heroes : Fake Chinese League of Legends clone [CrusaderCast, via NeoGAF]


Back in my day, we called this M.U.G.E.N.

Oh Goku versus Colonel Sanders versus Iron Man versus Smurfette versus Voltron... those were the days.