China Banned Attack on Titan, Death Note, and More

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The Chinese government has banned more anime. Another thirty-eight Japanese cartoons are blacklisted and prohibited from appearing online in China.

As Kyodo reports, eight Chinese websites were shutdown for streaming anime that “encourage juvenile delinquency, glorify violence and include sexual content.” Another twenty nine Chinese websites received warnings or fines.

Ministry of Culture official Liu Qiang told Chinese news source Xinhua (via Kyodo) the crackdown is to “protect the healthy development of youth.”


Earlier this year, the Chinese government went after some of the country’s biggest internet companies for hosting anime like Blood-C and Highschool of the Dead. The reason? The government said the shows “lure minors to delinquency and glamorize violence, pornography, and terrorist activities.”

Online in China, many fans were upset by the latest ban, calling this latest move anti-Japanese and “censorship.”

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