Chillingo Lines Up 15 Free iOS Games for the Holidays

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When every iOS game on the list for your Best Games of 2012 Sale promotion is free, it's no longer a sale — it's a giveaway, and when one of those games is Pony Trails, that's a steal.


Seriously, if you're into horses or know someone that is, Pony Trails is a nifty little simulator that has absolutely nothing to do with all of that cartoon business. Heck, download it even if you couldn't care less — it's free, along with the Diablo-ish Orc: Vengeance, the stark and lovely Endless Road, at least two Kotaku Gaming Apps of the Day—Sky Hero and Word Derby... why don't I just list them all? We'll do that.

ORC: Vengeance
Endless Road
Pony Trails
Sky Hero
Commando Jack
Spice Bandits
Storm The Train
Super Knights
Critter Escape
Word Derby
Pocket Festival
Air Vacation
The Last Driver


The Diversionist

Endless Road was neat for about 5 seconds. Then, after upgrading the first car for 200 coins, I noticed I needed 2000 coins to upgrade to the next car. I glanced at my stash of 138 coins, and promptly deleted the app. ORC: Vengeance looks like it can be neat.

FYI, Gameloft is having a sale on a few titles. I picked up 9mm and Wild Blood (I read the camera has been improved for that one, so gave it a try for a buck). Stay away from The Dark Knight rises, even for a buck. It's impossible to play and super boring. And Ubisoft is offering Prince of Persia Retro for free, but no save game, so we'll see how far I can get in one session on the throne.