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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Check Out This Truly Spectacular Kotaku Arcade

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Holy mackerel! Look at this. Reader Zero has created the Kotaku-themed Arcade Mania arcade. So, so, so awesome. Not sure which we'd like to play: Crecente Clone Wars or PLUNK'ETT!.

Here's what's going on: For this contest, you can use anything you like to create your diorama: paper, toys, whatever. All we ask is that you made an arcade-themed diorama and include a Kotaku and Arcade Mania sign so that we know you made it and not your dog or something.


Take a picture and send it to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. There will be three winners, and all will win a copy (it's in English!) of Arcade Mania straight from Japan. Everyone else will get INTERNET FAME just like Zero.

Hit the jump for Zero's lengthly email describing everything in this picture. Mike, don't take offense to the McWhertor garbage!

I have far, far, far too much free time on my hand-hands.

Just to let you know, I didn't use Photoshop to create the diorama in any way, but I only edited the photo to white-out anything that's not part of the diorama. I didn't touch up the colour levels/brightness, but I probably should. I can send the original if you'd like.

Probably could've been better; The paper dolls look really really terrible, and it was my first time making something like that. I couldn't leave them out, either. It's also been ages since I made something that finely, and I made it using 8 year old crafting supplies from school, so I had to change things around.

The diorama includes all of the editor's names in some way, so think of it as some weird bizarro alternate universe, where everyone except Crecente has the same face.

A fair bit's blurry or can't be seen, but I tried my best.. Here's a quick summary of what's hard to see, or can't be seen, if you wanted to know:

The camera didn't catch it, but the screen for "Crecente Clone Wars" is supposed to say "255 secs" remaining.
The side of the cabinet says "Can you beat them all?!" and has 24 faces.
The screen for "Adam tha Baren" displays "Houghton Games Presents..."
The side of the cabinet says "127 Treasures to find!"
The obvious pieces of litter is "McWhertor's".
Bash's image is from the Arcade Mania website, and I wrote "(c) Kotaku Korp." This and the Kotaku banner were supposed to be related (as an ad) but I couldn't make it obvious.
"Jean Snow" is a WoB expansion pack, image also from the Arcade Mania website.
The sign on the counter advertises Game Time Cards for WoB. I write with a soft pencil, and I write softly as it is, so it's hard to see. I don't have any fine pens.
The man at the counter has the name-tag "Fahey". He's supposed to be resting his head on his hand, but he doesn't have any. It was pretty difficult as it already was.
The basketball game is named "Plunk'ett!"
"Good Driving!", is being played by a guy with the name tag "Owen", from "Greene Delivery Co."
It wasn't caught on camera, but the screen just shows an empty desert road. Yes, it's "Desert Bus 2." And $10. Looks ridiculous.
The faces on the two paper dolls are henohenomoheji. Also done on pencil.


Arcade Mania is now available.