Check Out These Hello Kitty Hotel Rooms

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While foreigners cannot really enter Japan at the moment and folks aren’t traveling, perhaps you, like me, are often going on vacation in your mind.


I think about where I would like to go and where I would like to stay. For example, this Hello Kitty themed hotel room.

As Time Out reports, the Asakusa Tobu Hotel in Tokyo is rolling out not one but two Hello Kitty-themed rooms.

The hotel, which will open this October, has a pink sakura themed room (above) as well as a Wa-modern (Japanese-modern) room, which can be seen below.

Illustration for article titled Check Out These Hello Kitty Hotel Rooms
Image: Tobu Hotel

Rates are still TBA, but there are three sakura Hello Kitty rooms and three Japanese-modern rooms. Consider staying day! 

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Forever Pending Approval

When the kid asks why her room is Hello Kitty themed and the parents are trying to think of a delicate way to explain the honeymoon.