Check Out These Batman: Arkham City Batarang Controllers

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Batman: Arkham City is getting its own LED-lit, bat-logoed controller, Power A tells Kotaku.


The officially licensed Batman: Arkham City controllers for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 include LED illumination effects with the ability to switch between seven built-in colors, dual rumble motors and soft-touch grips.

The Xbox 360 version also includes an Xbox Guide button, and a 9.8-foot cable. The center bat buttons (from left to right) are: back, LED color select and start.

The PS3 version also includes motion sensing technology, an internal rechargeable battery, a Batman-themed USB RF received and 6-foot USB charging cable. The four lights on the left side of the PS3 controller shows the remaining battery charge, the four lights on the right show which channel the controller is using. The bat buttons (from left to right) are: battery charge indicator on and off, select, home, start and LED color select.

The controllers will be on display over at Power A's E3 booth (West Hall, 5522) if you want to check them out.

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The 90's are calling; they'd like their ugly game-pads back.

Seriously!? Those things look fucking terrible as well as dated. They look to have been styled in the exact same way as all those toys that where made to go with the awful movie Batman and Robin back in '97. Remember that shit? Everything was blue translucent plastic with needless accessorizing and lights everywhere.

Wow, just, wow. Whoever designed those things needs to be arrested. They're just gross.

When that limited edition black & silver Xbox360 game pad came out I was like "oh nice, finally, a piece of non-PC gaming hardware that actually looks a bit classy, understated and like something that wouldn't be horribly embarrassing to have kicking around my house." I was hopeful that by the next generation there'd be enough adult gamers to have some non-ugly non-kiddie-looking console hardware. And then this shit comes out.

Why must after-market hardware makers do this? Are they in an unofficial ugliness contest with eachother? Couldn't one of them make a controller that looks more sleek and grown-up than the standard unit rather than less? Especially in a Batman controller! Its the fucking Batman!!! Does he cover his car and suit in ridiculous neon-colored LEDs? Fuck no! The man wears flat black, flat black and more flat black. How could a company interpret that obvious sense of style so badly!? Jesus. Christ.