For a band that makes its music out of re-designed versions of classic video game music, The Plague Sequence takes itself very seriously.

From their website, a manifesto:

Working to create a voice of dissent in a culture poisoned by corporate occupation and a vacuous society lacking sincerity or substance. The taint of commerce has hollowed out any meaning and conviction once possessed by our artistic institutions and the acceptance of this compromise is a programming we must revolt against. Music & Art, the strongest weapon against this conditioning, must remain outside of the influence of commercial product if we want it to be effective against this contagion.

Er, wow, that is serious stuff! Despite the black and red revolution!! vibe of their website, their music is fun stuff, mixing together musical ideas from Metroid, Killer 7, and Castlevainia with reverby vocals and drenched, underwater guitars. They've also got this track, which lifts from Persona 2 for the Famicom.

This kind of music doesn't always do it for me, but I'm into this—and not just because the track is called "The Kidnapping of Plastic Penelope for the funds to complete our Doomsday Weapon."

The Plague Sequence's album, which can be downloaded for free from their website, tells the story of a "failed fictional revolution in a fictional city that references modern day social consiciousness."


Also, the singer is good and I like how the whole thing is recorded. Head on over and give it a listen.