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Check Out the Giant Hole Physics

Bugs happen. And since games can be patched and fixed, I personally don't think a few aren't that big of a deal. They can be, however, very funny.


Take this one, which is what is apparently a recently discovered bug in Gran Turismo 5, a not-so-recently released game.

The bug was in Super GT: Eifel (Circuit) 106A /5 Laps download event, available earlier this summer.


Gran Turismo isn't just the real racing simulator, it's the real racing simulator to the center of the earth.

グランツーリスモ5 配信イベント バグ [2ch]

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Man just reminds me that outside of some of the cars being visually awesome...everything else in the game looks super dated. Seriously all the tracks are still doing those cardboard cutout tricks, and yet Forza can do better in half the development time.