The upcoming sci-fi action/adventure game Remember Me has caught a lot of eyes around Kotaku way. Developed by Dontnod and published by Capcom, it's a dystopian sci-fi stealth-brawler staring an amnesiac woman is remarkable enough, but the fact that the game lets you actually climb into someone's memory and re-arrange it to affect the present has got me really curious.

I'll be checking the game out in San Francisco next week, but folks in Europe are one step ahead (AS USUAL). (Just kidding I don't even know what I meant by that.) The above video from VG24/7 walks through both memory-rearranging and combat, and this video from Gamespot shows off a bit of exploration and more combat.

There are other videos around as well, if you're still curious. Looks interesting. I'll have more on the game after I have a chance to play it next week.